April 25, 2010

Minor podcast errors, an open letter

Minor Podcast Glitch

Dark Flow here,
Since getting lucky and finding a podcast hosting site for free, there was always a chance that there would be minor issues. The site occasionally has a glitch and doesn't allow me to post my shows for a bit of time (sometimes more than a week).
THIS however will not stop me from posting my shows for those of you that like hearing what my show has to offer. My main communication and area that I update is my Facebook page, where I will be posting tomorrow's show (4/26), likely on mediafire or megaupload. Until then, I may consider moving my show between podcast hosting sites, or consider finding a good site that I can subscribe for the show.
I hope you enjoy Adrift In The Airwaves tomorrow 8AM Eastern Time till 10AM. There are lots of new tunes (and some awesome older ones) that are ready to speak to you. Tune in on the drive to work at WHUS 91.7FM, or if you're by your computer listen live online at Whus.org!! You won't be disappointed.