May 16, 2019

e dono The Gaijin - the #donotape Review

E Dono The Gaijin - The #Donotape Review

E Dono The Gaijin - The #Donotape Review

A good friend who’s mixtape I slept on has new material, features, and previews to share in an exclusive release featured for free download on his website !

A past radio cohort on the "Adrift In The Airwaves" radio run, E-ryDa, aka e dono The Gaijin, is a Waterbury, Connecticut producer and rapper, originally from the Bronx. His past cuts included guest features from members of his Woof Crew and Tyrant Lyfe members on his Error of Judgement 2 album, but the #donotape's got a raw flavor and style to it that showcases work that will appear in his sequel, the 3rd EoJ.

The mixtape opens with a previous single E-ryDa’s been holding on to, "The Night", a fun and catchy party hit that welcomes listeners into The Gaijin's world. As soon as it's up, it becomes clear that this is a special mix, bringing together work from multiple artists. Stretcheddalongwayz, and C The Wise Prophet specifically, have beautiful tracks to contribute here, which all feature e dono and his multiple rapping styles which emerge from it.

When looking at this tracklist, tracks that start with e dono: The Gaijin, are clearly the sprinkled in solo cuts, with original production, and sometimes cut short, leaving listeners wanting more, as they will appear in their fully fleshed out form on the Error of Judgement 3 album. The Gaijin's verses and work on these newly revealed snippets are promising and enlightening to us all, as we understand the man behind the mask even more. Some are deeply personal, while others are played for laughs in a good way that keeps things fresh. Highlights of this include his tracks Dark, Mad, Rather, and Tiger Woodz.

As a repeated guest on my program, I have always enjoyed e dono’s lyricism and comedic, serious, and sometimes spiritual message. His simultaneous dedication to lyrics and beats resonated with me and his music shares influence from multiple styles of sound. The #donotape has an underlying spirituality and determination in it, and declares that you got to believe in yourself, and God, for your destiny. In this preview mixtape The Gaijin shines.

the #donotape - 8.5/10

Recommended Tracks: Dark, Mad, The Essence of Time