April 23, 2019

Crystallize DEBUT LP by DJ Dark Flow OUT NOW!!!!

Update: DJ Dark Flow - Crystallize LP Release

Update: DJ Dark Flow - Crystallize LP Release

This June 1, 2019, Crystallize, my debut electronic LP, will be released into the world on all music platforms! I have had a long and exciting journey with music ever since my DJ alias was founded in 2008 for my late night radio program. Now, 11 years later, and 4 years after the release of my debut self-titled EP, comes my first full-length release!

A collection of heavy and smooth electronic tracks trade the spotlight in this kaleidoscopic release, and I hope I can convert some new fans of electronic and hip-hop music over to my current and future releases! Crystallize is a photographic snapshot of my production sensibilities now, where I've been, and the seeds of what more may come from it in the future.

My digital discography is specially discounted at this time, and pre-orders of Crystallize come with early downloads of my title track and last single, Cracking the Code. All in all, it's been a neverending journey of growth and discovery. Here's to hoping you will join me on that journey.

Bandcamp Pre-order: https://dj-darkflow.bandcamp.com/album/crystallize
Crimson Sky Paperback (+FREE OST Download Offer): https://dj-darkflow.bandcamp.com/merch/crimson-sky-paperback-edition