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October 29, 2019

Update: Satellite Beats: Earliest Transmissions OUT NOW!

Update: Satellite Beats - Earliest Transmissions Release

Satellite Beats: Earliest Transmissions Release

How do I begin? Satellite Beats... Where do I go from here? DJ Dark Flow... As an aspiring songwriter and musician, a 15-16-year-old me was lucky enough to collect and get my hands on various electronic equipment, a keyboard, an acoustic and electric guitar, and a digital recorder. With these circuits and machinery, I was able to begin to fulfill my dream and passion for songwriting by creating acoustic, electronic, and industrial atmospheres full of mystery and dread, and from this era of my musical experimentation, I produced a lot of wide-ranging material under my first musical alias, Satellite Beats. After years of having the songs on my computer, I decided to curate and release this compilation album of my earliest recordings.

September 17, 2019

Update: 3 Page Interview with Verb'z Up Magazine!

Update: 3 Page Interview with Verb'z Up Magazine

DJ Dark Flow Interview with Verb'z Up Magazine

I was lucky enough to get a featured interview in the independent, Texas-owned Verb'z Up Magazine!! Here I was able to go in-depth into my background in music and what inspires me most, as well as some of the plans I have for the future as a multi-genre, multi-medium artist!

July 20, 2019

Update: Backwords Thoughts Single OUT NOW

Update: Backwords Thoughts Single Release

DJ Dark Flow - Backwords Thoughts Single Release

The final supporting single from my debut album Crystallize, Backwords Thoughts, a revisit of my instrumental bonus track, is out now! Featuring verses by Long Island emcees B. Dvine and Thomas Coppola (both who I have reviewed in the past and Thomas who I have just recently interviewed), Backwords Thoughts is a fully-fleshed out idea with jewels of knowledge for your ears. Listen now on Bandcamp or any other streaming platform that you choose and listen to my album Crystallize on all music streaming platforms!

April 23, 2019

Crystallize DEBUT LP by DJ Dark Flow OUT NOW!!!!

Update: DJ Dark Flow - Crystallize LP Release

Update: DJ Dark Flow - Crystallize LP Release

This June 1, 2019, Crystallize, my debut electronic LP, will be released into the world on all music platforms! I have had a long and exciting journey with music ever since my DJ alias was founded in 2008 for my late night radio program. Now, 11 years later, and 4 years after the release of my debut self-titled EP, comes my first full-length release!

March 19, 2019

Masterpiece Crates: Introduction (Titles Subject to Change)

Masterpiece Crates: Introduction (Albums Subject to Change)

Masterpiece Crates: Introduction (Albums Subject to Change)

Every so often, an artist or a group releases an album that fans often consider one of their best pieces or work, or even a masterpiece. In my lifetime, I would argue that a great number of music albums have achieved this high class distinction. Of course, every pick is a highly subjective and personal matter, yet I would go as far as to say that many fans of the artists I listen to would mostly, if not whole-heartedly agree with me that there are music albums out there which reach this class without question. Thus begins my introduction to DJ Dark Flow's Masterpiece Crate.

February 27, 2019

B. Dvine - The Process of Illumination Review

B. Dvine - The Process of Illumination Review

B. Dvine - The Process of Illumination Review

Bom-b-b-b-b-bombastic beats and sharp cutting wordplay inspires and gives power to those who want to take a dive into Long Island beat producer and emcee B. Dvine's newest full length mixtape, The Process of Illumination.

A step up in his production game since his 2017 mixtape, Dvine Intervention, B. Dvine, aka Brian Daly, diversifies his already illustrious and decorated portfolio by picking up the pen. In actuality, Daly has been refining his vocal persona for a number of years, but now he is able to display his talent and evolution on this February 25th release, and by supporting it with Full Blast booking's "Goin' Coastal Tour" on the East and West coasts.

January 27, 2019

Milestones Part II: DJ Dark Flow

Milestones Part II: DJ Dark Flow

Milestones Part II: DJ Dark Flow - Cracking the Code

After I put my radio show on an indefinite hiatus in 2015, I was fully committed to developing myself musically, having now more free time to focus my energies on original music production instead of planning for 4 hours of radio programming every week. As I explained in my first chapter of Milestones, music was ingrained in me from a very early age, since being exposed to various rock n roll by my father, and I quickly forged my own path in musical discovery. I always had the desire to be a musician, and was influenced by groups in high school such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Mars Volta (all of which reinforced my interest in musical experimentation and drawing outside the lines of "mainstream music"), and Nine Inch Nails (a group known for being a one-man act who had an enormous influence on my motivation to make music all on my own) among others. When moving to Connecticut with my family, I quickly tried to make friends and form a band. I was able to form a 3 piece rock group, which eventually became a 4 piece with the addition of a keyboardist, and we donned the name Breathe, named after the Pink Floyd track off Dark Side of The Moon.

December 13, 2018

Milestones Part I: Radio

Milestones Part I: Radio

Adrift In The Airwaves Flower of Life Logo

From a young age, I was always influenced by music, being stimulated by my father’s ever-growing collection, and eventually forming my own interests which sometimes deviated from what my parents found acceptable. Nevertheless, I remember the nostalgia from days of sporting a cd mix or album in my jog-proof Walkman on the way to school. Music still had that feature of physicality and gentle handling that made the experience all the more rewarding, and I doubt today’s generation will ever feel that simple pleasure of having a few CDs or CD wallet where your precious few choices mattered and made the soundtrack of your day. The only way future kids and young adults could discover the pleasure of handling music would be to discover vinyl records or invest in their own stereo cabinets, but I divulge. The point I am trying to make is that music has been ingrained in my being since I was very young, and if not for a chance presentation during one of my first general elective courses at the University of Connecticut, I may have never become a longtime radio host and DJ in February of 2008.

April 25, 2010

Minor podcast errors, an open letter

Minor Podcast Glitch

Dark Flow here,
Since getting lucky and finding a podcast hosting site for free, there was always a chance that there would be minor issues. The site occasionally has a glitch and doesn't allow me to post my shows for a bit of time (sometimes more than a week).

February 11, 2010

New Time Slot, New Music, NEW PODCAST!

New Radio Time Slot

I found out this past Monday night that my new radio time slot for the Spring schedule is going to be Monday mornings from 8-10AM, Eastern Time, and I'm starting back up in just a few days! I am happy with the turnout, knowing that many people will be hearing my show on the road and that it would be a good slot for many listeners. However, I realized that some of my loyal fans might be unable to tune in at this early hour to keep up with my show. So I thought to myself, 'How can I still deliver my broadcast to my fans without losing anybody?'. This is the official unveiling of DJ Dark Flow's "Adrift In The Airwaves" radio podcast!

January 16, 2010

Last show for Monday, 1-3PM

Last Monday Radio Show

This coming Monday, January 18th, will be my last appearance for this time slot. After that, it will most likely be 2-3 weeks before I'll be on the air again. Be sure to tune in at 91.7FM or you can always listen online at!


December 7, 2009

Last Show of the Semester!

Last Show Of The Semester

This coming Monday, December 14th will be the date of my last show of the academic semester. I will be coming back in the spring, but this will be the last one of the year.
Tune in from 1-3PM Eastern time to 91.7FM, or to listen online!

October 4, 2009

New Time, Fall 2009

New Radio Time Slot

Prepare for high tide, and tune in to WHUS 91.7FM, or listen online at, to "Adrift In The Airwaves", now on Mondays 1-3PM with your host DJ Dark Flow.
Expect some noise, expect some notes, expect some bass in those headphones.
Dark Flow out ~

June 30, 2009

For Those of You That Are Interested (NIN Remix Ep)

For Those of You That Are Interested (NIN Remix Ep)

Nine Inch Nails Remix EPOver the last few years, I have made a few remixes I would like to share, specifically NIN remixes. Since their album, Year Zero came out, they had released the multitracks of every song on the album, and I decided it would be fun to create my own renditions of several of the songs.

March 22, 2009

Special 3 hour show.

Special 3 Hour Radio Show

Looks like this Monday you'll be in for a treat! The captain will make contact between 6 and 9 PM Eastern time. Tune in at
Kala Out.