November 24, 2010

Teebs - Ardour Review

Teebs, a popular artist on the Brainfeeder record label started by Flying Lotus, releases his debut album and blows all other producers out of the water! His multi-textured compositions come to life in Ardour, arguably one of the best beat albums of 2010. His soft beats and melodic chimes have a fulfilling presence, and I cannot stress it enough that his work bears a therapeutic, healing power for any avid headphones junkie. From the very start, “You’ve Changed” comes in among fluttering flutes and a soft beat. Songs like “Moments,” “Wind Loop,” and “Gordon” are a few of the many standouts in this album, and they all offer something different to listeners looking for something fresh and new. “Long Distance,” the only track Teebs decided to allow vocals on, shows the incredible potential his music has for lyrics, even though every song really speaks for itself. The music he produces works really well as background music, and is even more of a treat for those who choose to actively listen to it, considering the very specific attention to detail. For the most part, it is hard to put into words the feelings that flow out of Ardour. A complex series of thoughts and emotions are captured here, and it is certainly a beautiful experience that shines all throughout. Try to throw on this album and not get lost.

Note: Teebs is also a visual artist, and does all of the artwork that’s attached to his musical releases. You can check out some of his artwork here.

Rating: 9.2/10

Recommended Tracks: Wind Loop, Gordon, Why Like This

MiM0SA - Silver Lining Review

Just two months after his late-night dubstep EP Your Love, MiM0SA comes out with another stunner, his super melodic, big bass release, Silver Lining. This new album, layered with bright melodies and atmospheric textures, sounds like a bright, sunny morning. Airy and vibrant is the feeling that is captured on most of these tracks. “The Higher Consciousness,” a short opener, carries the feel of the album pretty well, as it soars over the spacious skyline of your mind. Some of the middle tracks, such as the title track and “Drippin,” make a heavy, yet emotionally melodic mark on your ears, while some of his later tracks, such as his drum and bass-y “Detour” and “Pushing Little Daisies” drop in to screech electronic bursts of intensity, before settling back down into the final track, “Sideways,” an appropriate finish to a stellar album. Check out Silver Lining if you have not already, and prepare for a beautiful, inspiring musical journey.

Rating: 8.4/10

Recommended Tracks: Silver Lining, Drippin', Pushing Little Daisies