Our Mission

Our mission at AirdriftSignals Music Magazine is to maintain the most fluid and rich user experience as possible while delivering quality media content from some of the most forward-thinking artists around. It doesn’t matter what genre, as long as they’re on AirdriftSignals Music Magazine.

Our Team

Stefan Walczak AirdriftSignals
Stefan Walczak is the owner of AirdriftSignals Music Magazine. Since graduating from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor's in English and a concentration in creative writing, Stefan has released two paperback books on Amazon, adapted a psychotherapist's true story of Dissociative Identity Disorder into a screenplay, and written music-related articles. You can follow him on his author Facebook page.
Mustafa 'Musa' Abubaker AirdriftSignals
Mustafa 'Musa' Abubaker is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia interested in keeping up with new music and discovering new music. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Reyan is a researcher and writer from Kerala, India. He enjoys unearthing the stories behind the music and then knitting them together in such a way that listeners get more joy out of the same tune the next time they put headphones on. Passionate about interacting with artists, Reyan is always on the lookout for an opportunity to deliver inspiring, exciting tales based on real-life musicians and artists. Unlike most, he is both into heavy metal and country music simultaneously. Connect with Reyan on Twitter.