February 27, 2019

B. Dvine - The Process of Illumination Review

B. Dvine - The Process of Illumination Review

B. Dvine - The Process of Illumination Review

Bom-b-b-b-b-bombastic beats and sharp cutting wordplay inspires and gives power to those who want to take a dive into Long Island beat producer and emcee B. Dvine's newest full length mixtape, The Process of Illumination.

A step up in his production game since his 2017 mixtape, Dvine Intervention, B. Dvine, aka Brian Daly, diversifies his already illustrious and decorated portfolio by picking up the pen. In actuality, Daly has been refining his vocal persona for a number of years, but now he is able to display his talent and evolution on this February 25th release, and by supporting it with Full Blast booking's "Goin' Coastal Tour" on the East and West coasts.

Full of features and guest productions by prominent rappers, including but not limited to: Jahan Nostra, Menace O.B.E.Z., Fred The Godson, Tragedy Khadafi, and Havoc of Mobb Deep, B. Dvine's crew throughout this release shines and adds flavor to The Process of Illumination. The mixtape kicks off with a militaristic hip-hop snare produced by Kinetic 9, as Dvine introduces listeners to the POI, explaining this release as a compilation of tracks both older and new, and fittingly opens with a solo track "Nothing Personal", getting into the grind of B. Dvine's sole mission to keep business business while making none of it personal. Track number 3 is the beginning of what seems to be a series of epic freestyles B. Dvine has pollinated throughout the album, and again, taking the thematics to another important level in Dvine's career, the legacy of family and his late father, and personal questions regarding dark times and struggles with addiction. Only one thought comes to mind from this first trio of tracks: B. Dvine is real underground hip-hop with VALUES.

Track number 4 and on begins the assault of big time hits that Dvine and his associates have created, all with a sick lineup of versatile guest features. "Can I Live" really does give chills and goosebumps, as Dvine proclaims, and his "Mom Praying Freestyle" flows effortlessly over a beautiful soulful beat as he declares, "They say teamwork makes the dream work, let's come together and redeem worth!" B Dvine's team certainly sounds fluid, and everyone has an interesting personality to add here on these tracks. Track 10's "The Grey" cuts deep with heavy themes, and it becomes clear that B. Dvine isn't afraid to appear vulnerable, for the events in his family made him who he is today. "My Own World" gives a dreamy, chill vibe, and follows with B. Dvine's playful freestyle over the late J Dilla's soulful hip-hop beat, an exclusive freestyle delivered to my own radio show Adrift In The Airwaves back in the day, in which Dvine gives a piece of his mind to women on social media, who search for attention in all the wrong places. "Tale of 2 Cities Freestyle" is the last of the freestyle verses off Dvine's dome, and it hits hard over a concussive trap beat. "Unite" is the final message of the album, over a 90's sounding, Wu Tang style beat produced by Mavz, and is a beautiful sendoff to Dvine's first mixtape in the Process of Illumination series.

When the album comes to a close, it's very tempting to go right back to the start. With this addicting replay-ability, one thing becomes abundantly clear: B. Dvine has a god-given talent of interweaving verses and tracks on the POI in way that holds value and has weight, which is a testament to a genre that could always do with more high consciousness. Some artists can only dream of making tracks like these: what The Process of Illumination mixtape shows is that B. Dvine has a knack for creating lightning in a bottle almost every time.

The Process of Illumination - 9.85/10

Recommended Tracks: Hii Power Freestyle, Gotta Try, My Own World

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