February 2, 2017

B Dvine & Various Artists - Dvine Intervention Review

B Dvine and Various Artists - Dvine Intervention Review

B Dvine and Various Artists - Dvine Intervention Review

Dvine Intervention, the hotly anticipated mixtape by Long Island resident and beat conductor, B Dvine, is an extraordinary collection of collaborations for hip-hop heads everywhere. Dvine's first exclusively produced hip-hop mixtape is hosted by mixtape curator J-Love, and features collaborators such as Prolifik, Vital, Meyhem Lauren, D-Rugz, and J-Love himself. It’s been a long time coming for listeners and fans to be graced with something as completely Dvine as this mixtape package B has put together. From D-Rugz and Timbo King’s jazzy “The Message” to J-Love’s badass “Fan The Fire” to Vital’s “Smoke Good” with Dvine’s lo-fi guerilla beat, there are sure to be a number of favorites for any listener.

Despite featuring such an eclectic mixture of guest artists, the real star on this mixtape is B Dvine, with all the production flair culminating from his many years in the field of hip-hop. The Wu / J Dilla inspired freshness takes off right from the start, and leaves the listener with multiple irresistible headbangers. Dvine’s natural skill at composing masterful blends of bass, strings, drums, vocals and more is impeccable. There is no instrument Dvine can’t touch and turn to gold.

The only thing that Dvine Intervention could use more of is B Dvine himself in terms of verses. There is a nice self feature in his hit single with Tragedy Khadafi, “Divine Revolution”, where Dvine and Khadafi let loose a fury of lyrical talent that is unmatched and absent from any corner of mainstream hip-hop. Dvine Intervention is a pure form performance of the underground hip-hop movement, and B Dvine is at the head of the wave of emcees and producers that are making an impact. Perhaps one of B Dvine’s greatest strengths is his natural tendency to bring so many talented artists together under one roof. His drive to push beyond the mediocrity and create a fully realized movement through his mixtapes can be felt strongly, as Dvine Intervention certainly radiates an aura of togetherness in a genre that is sometimes divisive and at odds with other artists.

This recent release, paired with the hip-hop mixtape series Rhyme Regulators, makes B Dvine a definitive force in hip-hop to watch out for. After witnessing the track record he has laid down so far over the past few years, it is clear that he is only rising higher in the midst of hip-hop prolificacy.

Dvine Intervention - 9/10