April 3, 2019

Marvin Gaye - You're The Man Review

Marvin Gaye - You're The Man Review

Marvin Gaye - You're The Man Review

Preserved in a time capsule and shelved for decades, Marvin Gaye’s “lost album” You’re The Man finally sees the light of day on March 29, 2019, nearly half a century after its originally intended release, and I can’t believe that I have the pleasure of reviewing a Marvin Gaye album as a “brand new” release! The original sequel to his landmark classic album What’s Going On, You’re The Man was shelved due to political differences between Gaye and Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, and also due to poor reception of his title track lead single, but whereas What’s Going On was intended as an anti-war album, You’re The Man is a triumphant anti-hate album.

Opening with the title track which originally put Gaye off from releasing this wonderful album, "You're The Man, Pt. I & II", introduces this LP with catchy, guitar licks and Marvin's calls for a good leader to step up in our country. "If you've got the master plan, I've got the vote for you. You're the man." His experience with our war-torn country was exhausting and inspired his best work to this day. You're The Man, from its lead single on, is the next logical step to healing our nation.

Another spot on reflection of the kind of world that we're living in is his second track, "The World Is Rated X", which begs the question: how could Gaye have his finger so well on the pulse of our world's tribulations? It proves this album would have been absolutely timely, during its original release year in 1972, all the way up to our year in 2019. It's a call to take a more active role in being a part of the solution that our world so desperately needs. Afterwards, in a more slower paced tune, Marvin croons with a heart that aches in “Piece of Clay”, singing “children are told to give, not just to take, if we were all children, the world would be a better place”, in a beautiful gospel-soul number, complete with a full backup choir, and Gaye’s spiritually healing falsetto.

It's tracks like this and a lineup, which makes Gaye's vocal talents, messages, and backing band a completely needed therapeutic listen to battle the evils of this world that's going on in the background. Other tracks focus on loving your woman or significant other, with "I'm Gonna Give You Respect", "You Are That Special One", and "Woman of The World". They are all designed to remind us what's most important while we're here on this earth, and it's these reasons You're The Man becomes elevated as another classic album by Marvin Gaye, and a piece of required listening for all people.

You're The Man - 9.25/10

Recommended Tracks: You're The Man, Try It, You'll Like It, We Can Make It Baby