June 13, 2019

Nox - The Formula EP Review

Nox - The Formula Review

Nox - The Formula EP Review

Long Island emcee Nox released his fine-tuned and diverse debut EP, The Formula late last year, getting his pure styled productions and raps in before the year’s end. Much like the hit AMC program Breaking Bad, The Formula is a recipe of music that's been cooked with enough ideas and winning ingredients to create a euphoric chemical bliss for fans of conscious and creative hip-hop.

The Formula opens with Nox’s title track and lead single. A famous memorable line from none other than Breaking Bad’s leading man, Walter White, whose transformation into the embodiment of death and subsequent fall from grace chills audiences to this day; Heisnberg introduces listeners and fans to the school of hard Nox. His following verses do not disappoint either, as his wicked flow and wordplay signify him as a rapper who’s not to be played with. The opening beat’s melodic synths echo and the snares trill as Nox declares, “I'm the danger, I'm the one who knocks, watch the heads roll from the chopping block. I'm the devil that your god forgot, and in place of a name you can call me Nox."

This title is a cool and effortless opening vibe, and if that's not enough to hook your brain, Icarus steps in with a funky and sexy beat, complete with a broken vocal sample that pulls your head into a nodding motion. Nox then descends on the music from up above and sounding confident and comfortable in this world of hip-hop he's conjured up. The Formula's pure form and showcase of multiple styles can be heard on the following track, yet another runaway hit, Survival of The Fittest, which Nox uses to get scientific and harder than before. "Who is this, who spreads like a sickness, so ill, your best pills can't fix this, got no immunity, you can't resist this," Nox drops truths as he claims that this world "is survival of the fittest." This one's probably the best example of Nox's influences, as hints of alternative hip-hop artist Aesop Rock can be heard in the details.

The latter half of the EP features another storytelling beat that Nox lures listeners into, with Baring it All, a picture of a woman making a living doing what she has to. The hypnotizing beat plays alongside the subject of Nox's track. It's a welcome left turn into hip-hop slow-jam territory, giving The Weeknd vibes with its alluring atmosphere. Afterward, Dionysis flows into the mix nearly undetected, until Nox invites listeners into his chill zone with a funky bassline, shots, hits, and whatever you need to unwind. Nox gets real with listeners with what he does to enjoy himself to get turned up. "So we retreat to the secret beach, I need the feeling of the sand beneath my feet, plus a place I can pee in peace, please believe me, I need some sweet relief, from shots, or a couple of hits, whatever it takes, to give you a fix!" There is humor and truth in the mix, which makes Dionysis a cool and even funny party song.

The final track, Always Be With You, is opened up with Jon Jeremy's verse as he puts up the scenario of Nox passing on beyond this world. It also features Chelsea Takami and Allone, in this cool hip-hop piano ballad. Nox makes his last words worth hearing, "a little surprise, I had them mix the food with yours truly, and even threw me in the booze, you consumed me, so I'm staying within you, Nox is never gone, I'll always be with you!" A tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless great ending to an EP that demands repeated plays. The Formula is a solid work of hip-hop that does not disappoint. In each and every track, Long Island emcee Nox shows the world what he's made of as he goes through different styles and themes in his music. With The Formula, he proves he's got versatility and flow that can make him right for any mood or style, and frankly, it makes it all that much more exciting for what he decides to do next.

The Formula - 8.5/10

Recommended Tracks: The Formula, Survival of The Fittest, Always Be With You