July 9, 2019

Thomas Coppola - Dusty Review

Thomas Coppola - Dusty Review

Thomas Coppola - Dusty Review

Premium-grade production and a voice that you can chill or ride to are just a few of the many ways to classify Long Island rapper Thomas Coppola’s latest full-length album, Dusty, a tribute to his home state of New York and the legends of hip-hop who kick-started the movement.

Representing the hip-hop scene in the Long Island locale, Dusty features production by area artists, which include B. Dvine, E-Prosounds, and eXodus, with the majority of Dusty's tracks produced by Thomas himself. His opening rap on Tight Loop Intro plays with a funky beat and gives first-time listeners a taste of Thomas's sound with his music and vocals, and it’s a warm and inviting piece to pull listeners in before his second track Marvin Munroe starts up with its soulful and jazzy organ beat. Thomas is very confident in Marvin Munroe and throughout Dusty, and as he raps in Gorgeous, he admits that he found his voice after some time of feeling like he couldn't fit in. His position of being a white rapper in the genre is no qualm either because he very unabashedly owns his sound and lures listeners into his world's present and past of growing up and living in Long Island.

Outta My Mind, a heavy hitter in production created by B. Dvine, gets deeper in the lyrics. "Pills keep me sane, smoke keeps me grounded, so every time I step into the studio it's astounding, get money like an accountant, what's a little countryside hill to a mountain, I'm loungin'," Thomas raps before B. Dvine's contagious hook wiles, "I must have been out of my mind!" Thomas continues in Outta My Mind, as he says with resolve that he's got "an undying need to defeat all my demons," something that comes up in later songs of the album, where Thomas allows himself to be more vulnerable in the wake of emotional heartbreak, which is felt in the lyrics of the track Sarah, and can even be felt in the music of the interlude Emily.

The tight and hard productions paired with New York and sometimes mafia related imagery drops listeners squarely on the streets with Thomas as he raps about the snakes, villains, and the people who have come to help him while growing up. This can be heard on the following tracks Gotham and Mafia Flicks, as B. Dvine, Goretex, and Tragedy Khadafi team up and help Thomas destroy the naysayers and haters that cross paths with him. Thomas has one of those rare talents of being a rapper whose voice is deep, smooth, and easy to listen to, no matter whether he’s kicking back with his lyrics or delivering a heavy blow to the ego. Elephant In The Room is a short single-verse, minute and a half track where not a second is wasted, as Thomas addresses the elephants in the game, unable to change, as well as the newcomers, "all you wannabe rappers be taking notes, take a break from eating all of that molly and doing coke, I do it like the Godson, I ain't no joke, tell the world that I'm joining the race to be the g.o.a.t."

As Dusty crosses over to the back half of the album, several tracks, including but not limited to Emily (Interlude), Sonnets In The Rain, and Sarah, create a feeling as if Thomas is delivering a performance with a live band at a late night jazz club in NYC. When listening to Thomas Coppola’s delivery, the effect of his vocals over the beats is prominent and his calm and confident character exudes class, no matter what topic he raps about. This imagery is strong and undeniable, and it creates another fold of Thomas Coppola's unique style. Keep It A Buck, featuring Fly Anakin, is a free-floating spaced-out beat produced by Thomas, and Fly Anakin's flow effortlessly soars with it, meanwhile, the eXodus-produced Numbers on The Board flips the style and tone of the album yet again! The overall effect of these last few tracks with the Funky Jam Outro and bonus cut Who Wants It? chills the mood out for Dusty's smooth landing. The overall feeling from beginning to end feels like a flight through the multiple styles of hip-hop music, and Thomas Coppola eloquently guides listeners through all of it.

Dusty is an album that earns its high praise and repeated listens. It features a rapper whose life experiences has created a rich filter for hip-hop music and storytelling, and Dusty is a definite must-listen for any fans of the genre. Thomas Coppola proves to be a gem for independent and mainstream hip-hop, and his vividly textured music goes along with his vocal talent to create a unique experience not felt in most mainstream hip-hop today. If Dusty is a sign of anything, it is that Thomas Coppola will continue to grow and deliver high-quality music and art in the near future, as he states in AirdriftSignals first exclusive interview with him.

Dusty - 9.25/10

Recommended Tracks: Elephant In The Room, Sonnets In The Rain, Numbers On The Board