September 16, 2019

Thomas Coppola - Cold Cuts Review

Thomas Coppola - Cold Cuts Review

Thomas Coppola - Cold Cuts Review

Showing that he will not let up or get Dusty (released in May), Thomas Coppola's latest album, Cold Cuts, is a supremely firey lesson in lyrics and beats, as Thomas shines yet again with each and every one of these hip-hop cuts.

With his highly stylized flow and an army of beatmakers at his fingertips, Thomas's opener Just Begun, produced by John Cotton, acknowledges his huge output and return, while Breathe, produced by Mike Martinez, lets listeners kick back and relax to a chill and lowkey beat, as Thomas displays calm composure, and asks to "let the beat breathe." His personality and cool attitude are what elevate Coppola as a lyricist, and while Dusty displayed his aptitude at producing his own beats, Cold Cuts' array of repeat collaborators and newcomers help him focus 100% on the verses.

American Nightmare takes a soulful and dark NOLA spin and Classic Sound is a self-described track to flow to. At this point, fans and listeners have heard the talent of Coppola with just a couple of producers, in John Cotton, Mike Martinez, and Gekko, but Cold Cuts is still in the process of opening up, with many other talented producers' cuts to make an impression, including those by B. Dvine, such as Cradle 2 The Grave and Dead Friends, E-Prosounds, and even Killarmy's Kinetic 9 among others. Coppola's fresh aesthetic and feel-good vibe can be heard on tracks such as French Dip, Summer's Over, and Mesmerized, while others, such as Dead Friends, gets down and serious, showing off Coppola's willingness to explore the pain that he has felt through the years.

Ultimately, Cold Cuts is a promising and surprising follow-up to Dusty, with 16 fully fleshed out tracks that don't pull any punches. If Cold Cuts is any indicator, it is that Thomas Coppola will continue to grace fans with record after record within the next year and that more hits are sure to come.

Cold Cuts - 9/10

Recommended Tracks: Breathe, American Nightmare, Cradle 2 The Grave