February 10, 2020

Interview: B. Dvine

B. Dvine Interview

Our artist spotlight interview series this time takes a closer look at B. Dvine, who is promoting his brand new, self-produced EP, Times Have Changed!

B. Dvine Interview

AirdriftSignals: How long have you been producing/emceeing?

B. Dvine: I have been producing for 16 years and emceeing for the past 9.

AirSig: You are a Long Island native. How has location informed you musically, either in influence or output?

B. Dvine: Long Island is very diverse so you get to see both sides of the fence in almost every sense of that term, and I've seen the ups, downs, lefts, and rights so when I go in two different lanes it comes natural.

AirSig: Is there a specific set of equipment that you prefer to use when producing hip-hop beats?

B. Dvine: Right now I've been heavy on the maschine and you can use keyboards and live instrumentation. I've been using Sony Acid Pro since the beginning but lately it's been about elevation and growth.

AirSig: Speaking of live instruments, are there any that you’ve been interested in learning to incorporate more into your sound?

I want to pick up whatever possible. Violins, trumpets, guitar, bass. Why not learn everything?

AirSig: You have been granted the opportunity to work with a number of prominent artists, such as Tragedy Khadafi, Kinetic 9, Solomon Childs, Young Dirty Bastard, and now Erick Sermon. What has this experience been like?

B. Dvine: It has been both lessons and blessings. I've learned a lot from being around some of these people and it helped me get a better understanding of the business and how to move in this industry so for that I'm grateful.

AirSig: Does the Times Have Changed EP mark the beginning of a new chapter in your artistic career?

B. Dvine: Of course, I'll always stick to my true style but growth is necessary and so is change.

AirSig: The new EP has been a distinct departure in style from your familiar boom bap hip-hop beats. Were you comfortable venturing into this new region of electronic hip-hop styled music?

B. Dvine: I'm a say yes or no. I had to learn to adapt to certain styles but I had fun doing it so that's what's important.

AirSig: Not only does the release stylistically diverge from previous efforts, but the lyrical content of your songs, specifically the opener and closer, have a deeply personal way about them. Did your life’s events and also time working in this genre inform your overall message of Times Have Changed?

B. Dvine: I would say so. Because I see the growth in myself but I also understand that we're in a new age and you don't have to hate on that and still be true to you.

AirSig: Your final track, Mr. Dreams, features a female singer by the name of Xavia. What was it like to add this new type of collaboration to your music? Do you plan on doing more of it in the future?

B. Dvine: I wouldn't say it's a new type of collaboration because I've worked with singers in the past but yeah I like working with singers so I plan on working with more.

AirSig: I hear you have even more exciting developments in your upcoming releases. Do you have anything about your future projects you would like to share?

B. Dvine: Not yet. Let the people soak this in now and when it's time to talk about the future it'll be presented by then.

AirSig: What advice would you like to give newcomer artists who look up to you?

B. Dvine: Stay focused, stay motivated, stay blessed. You're in control of your life path at the end of the day so go your hardest to make it count.

Times Have Changed can be heard on multiple streaming services now! Our full review can also be read here.