November 1, 2019

Cuban Pete - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me Single

Cuban Pete - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me Review

UK Rapper Cuban Pete is hot off the trail of his mixtape, The Standout, and his single, Burn, with his latest hip-hop track, the inspirational Nothin's Gonna Stop Me. 

Cuban Pete - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me Single Review

Produced by Nary Da Producer, Nothin's Gonna Stop Me boasts focused and driven verses matched to a beautiful, soulful beat in a song ultimately about perseverance, and Cuban Pete sets fire with multiple visuals by using his pleasing wit, electric wordplay and signature sound. He raps, "They try to hate, try to hold me back, take more than their team to stop my victory lap, I gut 'em, I keep moving man, fuck the snakes, keep winning, just to see the look on their face, yes!" all while the beat returns a beautiful female vocalist's, "Nothin's gonna stop me". Cuban Pete throughout the track comes off hard and aggressive, but still manages to deliver a measured and inspirational performance. 

Nothin's Gonna Stop Me's landing page can be found here, where most streaming services can be linked or where you can contact Cuban Pete directly. Check out this beautiful music and flow from one of UK's finest. Cuban Pete can also be found at his personal website, C75 Live! Read his AirdriftSignals artist spotlight interview, or his The Standout Mixtape album review