March 3, 2020

BeanieDon - Not The Usual Album Review and Upcoming Tour

BeanieDon - Not The Usual Review

Our other headlining act for the Beast To Blessed Tour (which kicks off TONIGHT in Brooklyn, NY!) is the multi-faceted and soulful hip-hop artist, BeanieDon!

BeanieDon - Not The Usual Album Review

Hailing from Stratford, Connecticut, BeanieDon is currently on tour in support of his few upcoming singles as well as his last LP, Not The Usual, which was released in May of 2019. For any listeners who are just getting to know him, it's important to understand just how deep, spiritual, and forward-thinking Beanie is. Available on all streaming platforms, Not The Usual is an example of passion and art coalesced and manifested into one singular vision.

Opening with an inspirational song that uses an elevator music mood and a robotic female guide who advises listeners to turn their devices to the highest volume, BeanieDon's Dream Reality rises to an awakening of fluttering flutes and clarity, as he opens his album. "It took sleepless nights, trying to make this right, people wonder how I came up, I was right beside em," he raps, and later "those sleepless nights turned my dreams to real life." His humble beginnings are documented here and serve as an inspiration to all those who have dreams they want to turn into reality. "Nobody gonna do this for me, gotta do it for me!" Beanie repeats with bravado and sets the stage for a hip-hop LP that truly lives up to its name.

BeanieDon Chilling
Ain't Got Much, the second track off the album, swerves into familiar and darker hip-hop and trap undertones, and his strength and conviction are on display when he raps about how he "ain't got much to lose" and how he will "forever go so hard" for his family who is deserving of it. It's a tough reality that is relatable to most and goes to show why BeanieDon won't ever give up. Blessingz, the follow-up track, takes the reality of life and looks at it from a different perspective, as Beanie pulls out the praise for his blessings. It's another strategic swerve within its own style and with its spiritual message, it carries an addicting, almost Kendrick Lamar-like flow and sound to it. BeanieDon is humbled by where his journey has taken him thus far and takes this moment to give his thanks.

Max-Beanie is a short detour where Beanie reminisces over a girl who wronged him. It's a track that pulls from his pain, and with his saxophone, its heart and soul is on his sleeve. Kanye, an obvious Kanye reference, is Beanie's tribute to a man who no doubt has made a huge impact on the genre and the lifestyle of hip-hop. Get A Check! is the energizing anthem that Beanie gets in the album, as he raps about the neverending grind to make money and get paid. It's a song where while he raps that he goes super hard to get a check, he acknowledges that his energy is endless and he knows his worth.

Brown Boy Bluez is a super chill, laid-back and semi-philosophical mediation as Beanie reflects on his life and the notion of freedom in this country. Reality 2 Dreamz opens with a chilling telling of a police shooting of an innocent citizen, while Beanie raps over smooth piano melodies about how his life is worth living despite the hard reality that can sometimes be discouraging for him. It closes with another disturbing tale of a police officer's abuse of power using a chokehold on a citizen who was suffocated to death. E Z Fienin' gets a little darker once again while Beanie shows his strength and powers up his wordplay.

BeanieDon and his saxophone
Shake! begins the final trio of songs on Not The Usual, which speeds up the verses for a quick minute and a half runtime, while On The Move softens the blow as it illuminates Beanie's passion for making art and music. Finally, Love Talk-Soul Talk focuses on the only thing that matters to all people at the end of the day, and BeanieDon's message reaches for that soul connection in the listener with an electrifying set of loops and carefully regarded lyrics that show his true purpose and unfaltering greatness.

Not The Usual possesses a bit of something for everyone. Its harder and nitty-gritty songs, such as Ain't Got Much and E Z Fienin', showcase Beanie's tough realness, while songs like Blessingz and On The Move contain a bright and burning flame that burns in Beanie's soul. The manifestation of his many blessings in Not The Usual makes it a widely appealing tour of expression and a necessary lesson in beats, lyrics, and heart.

Not The Usual is also available in a special deluxe edition, which comes with a fully conceptualized digital album booklet that dives deeper into each song, an exclusive t-shirt, and four additional bonus tracks.

Not The Usual can be heard on all major streaming platforms! If you like what you hear, please consider supporting with a purchase of his Not The Usual Deluxe Edition! Check out BeanieDon on the Beast To Blessed Tour with Full Blast Booking kicking off TONIGHT in Brooklyn, NY and proceeding with the specific East and West coast dates on the official tour poster.

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Not The Usual

BeanieDon - Not The Usual Album Review

Recommended Tracks: Ain't Got Much, E Z Fienin', On The Move