March 4, 2020

Tricknotic Debuts Make A Move EP During The Beast To Blessed Tour

Tricknotic - Make A Move Review

Tricknotic - Make A Move EP Review

Rhode Island-based producer/emcee, Tricknotic releases his highly anticipated debut project titled Make A Move. The 8-track EP is now available for streaming, with a selection of tracks to be performed during The Beast To Blessed Tour (which kicked off in Brooklyn, NY last night and hits Valley Stream, NY tonight).

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Tricknotic comes from the school of self-teachings and mastering, which is evident throughout this project. He displays a polished niche for putting words together over distinct arrangements of cadences brimming with knocking bass, piano keys, clapping drums, and kaleidoscopes of pulsating tones. He also entices listeners by delivering diverse hip-hop tracks that exude a classic vibe mixed with modern twists that will take head-nodding to another level.

Spaceship sets the EP off and paints a vivid picture of Tricknotic’s takeoff from the basement to the spaceship. He shares about his progress as an artist and his mental debate of not knowing if fans will press play or side snare with raised noses. However, that debate slowly comes to rest as Tricknotic is determined to take off without putting a price on his soul.

Tricknotic Spaceship
Tricknotic switches up the rhythm in My Time. Over suspenseful sounds of piano keys and thumping bass, he declares his confidence to make it in the industry. The slightly hypnotic catchy hook, suggests Tricknotic will be one of the top ten’s illest!  Game Changer intensifies the vibe with blends of eerie, trappy beats that heighten Tricknotic’s intricate wordplay. His intangible and animalistic being spews bars that will either have crowds applauding or pushing Tricknotic off the stage. Either way, he’s an undeniable force. 

The intense bass in Feeling It is the heart of the track that Tricknotic uses to drop fierce bars about his confidence as an artist and living out his fantasies in a survival of the fittest industry.  Make A Move piggybacks on that theme with Tricknotic claiming his stance and reign with no turning back. He’s pushing through sideline rappers and naysayers making it known that you can either be part of his breakthrough or become thoroughly broken.

Now It’s Over takes listeners into a period of Tricknotic’s life when he lost his brother. His captivating storytelling is reminiscent of childhood vacations, playful army jousts, and grown-up nightmares and wishes to converse just one last time. Once again, Tricknotic speeds up the tempo in One Day and flows about re-writing history. Honest about his hesitation but firm in the climb and path to becoming a musical boss.

Tricknotic concludes his debut project with Dream and depicts the true definitions of motivation, achievements, and the drive to face the man in the mirror to believe. Like the other tracks, Tricknotic provides production that embodies gripping bass and drums, chilling tones, and trippy vibrations that is sure to have hip-hop heads across the globe listening on repeat.  Stream Make A Move and connect with @Tricknotic on Instagram.