April 24, 2020

Banditfide - Banditfide Album Review

Banditfide - Banditfide Review

Tryna Get It Entertainment presents Banditfide Sh*t, the latest LP from Pittsburgh hip-hop group, Banditfide, which stars D Tha Don, Ruzee Ru Sbz, and Queenie Moët.

Banditfide - Banditfide Shit Album Review

The debut album is a promise of greatness and unending drive that doesn't pull any punches, and while each member has their own careers ahead of them, Banditfide Sh*t displays strength and prominence of the Pittsburgh trio as they come together.

Banditfide On Me Tee is the opening track, and it enters with dreamy nursery-rhyme style chimes that are quickly joined by trap hi-hats, bass, and a snare while the group chants their brand they represent. Their way of life is to rep Banditfide on their chests and trample over anyone who doesn't sport their mark with loyalty and strength. It's a powerful intro to an album that tells their respective stories of life in the city and the struggles they've overcome. Hores, featuring Ray Rocka takes a swerve into a dirty and trap-infused track about "hores", which is as tongue-in-cheek as it is bangin'. The wordplay is amusing, shocking, and humorous, but it nevertheless still pulls the listener in and elicits a curiosity at what they've got in store for this album.

Walk-Ins breaks up the tempo of the previous track and D Tha Don leads with his signature style of dark, tremolo-vocals with a front-facing message of how it's not about the tools you're given, but how you put them to use. The 808s, snare, and trap hats all make an atmosphere and headspace that is addicting as D The Don flows effortlessly with the knowledge he's gained. Camo continues this slow and dangerous drawl that crawls through the urban jungle while the militant gangster rap by Ruzee Ru Sbz forms an aggressive mantra that is chest-thumping and dangerous in vibe and lyrics. D The Don also takes a stab with a murderous verse.

Everything Banditifide creates an eerie whistle of a beat while D Tha Don focuses the track and raps about everything that Banditfide identifies with. It's a statement of life and death and the neverending promise to stay true and stay Banditfide. They Talk About Me is another angle to Banditfide's dynamic aura and while the trio addresses the talkers and naysayers, they set themselves up as the go-getters of the industry. They acknowledge that they've experienced the resistance of some through the years, their goals and passion remain unchanged. Different is the song that pulls the focus back and turns it toward the women. It's one of a couple of tracks that feature love interests, and this one gets an addicting club vibe rolling as it easily applies to their significant others while they make their promise to take care of and treat their women right.

Funeral, featuring Wave Prophet, gives D The Don the mic again with his observations about death being one of the only times people care and show their love, a sad truth for some who are in the crosshairs of those who hate. Its production mixes with Eastern flute melodies, which makes it a slow and unfurling beauty to behold. This beautiful mix of gangsterfied zen that D The Don fluidly builds is one of the many facets of Banditfide. Strap On Me feels like the next logical progression from Funeral, as it is the group's way to avoid a premature obituary. Rock & Roll, featuring Mil, is a play on the words, while D Tha Don repeats, "you know how we rock, you know how we roll." It's another bout of thug-life storytelling that D and Ruzee take turns to lay down hard truths that crush weak minds and break brittle bones. It's dark and a reality check for those who don't live in their city.

Really features Jaii Locc for more hardcore blasting the nonstop sh*t-talking that haters tend to do. Glo is a self-proclamation that these members will continue to shine despite the obstacles, while Wat It Do unveils a beautifully coated beat for Banditfide to roll to that proves both sultry and catchy. Live Life features another day in the life of Banditfide Sh*t. Break You Off strums with a creative and fluttering beat. Taboo Friday and Infrared grind the final moments of Banditfide Sh*t hard and doesn't stop for any weak-minded fools.

Banditfide Sh*t is the new testament this Pittsburgh hip-hop group lives by. Any hip-hop head who's into that deeper, hardcore vibe will dig Banditfide's flood of 808s, addictive synths, and real-world swagger. At the end of the day, it's a promising debut that shows that Banditfide has a lot of passion and stories to share with the world, and it's a chapter that will lead to even greater things in the future. You can read our exclusive interview with member D Tha Don here.

Recommended Tracks: Camo, Funeral, Rock & Roll