April 24, 2020

Interview: D Tha Don

D Tha Don Interview

D Tha Don Interview

AirdriftSignals: Hi D Tha Don, what’s good?!

D Tha Don: Just working on the music man. I gotta single coming tomorrow and another video shoot next week.

AirSig: That's awesome to hear! I see you are based out of Pittsburgh. Has the city presented a lot of opportunities artistically?

D Tha Don: Yes, and I would have to say the city did not provide many opportunities early on, however, I live in a city and country where if you work hard to put GOD first, you can create your own opportunities! As time went on support started to come from different sources.

AirSig: And the labels you manage, can you tell us all a little more about that?

D Tha Don: I currently manage 3 labels. I’m the president of Banditfide, manage Queenie Moët, and also a manager for her label QME. I also currently have my own company Phenomenally Dope Ent.

AirSig: In the social media age, what do you think it takes to market and take your team to the next level?

D Tha Don: Consistency and marketing.

AirSig: Is there anything that you’d like to share with us about your recent mixtape from November?

D Tha Don: Yes I dropped a joint project with Ruzee Ru called Banditfide Sh*t, one of the hottest albums to come out the city in a while.

AirSig: I see you’ve also recently released a new music video, America, along with several others. This one honors Black History Month and features socially conscious lyrics. How do you feel about using your voice and your talent as a platform for socially conscious messages and change?

D Tha Don: If GOD gives me the power to reach somebody through music or if He lets my music change life for the better of the people socially or historically then that would be one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

AirSig: And your other videos, Murder That, and In This World, is there anything you'd like to share about the messages you're trying to put forward? 

D Tha Don: Yes, in the Murda That video, I’m simply conveying if you love woman, been in love with before, or currently, you know what I’m saying if you listen to the song, I’m basically saying make love to your woman wholeheartedly in my own way! lol

And In this World I created because of my kids I have a teenager and she is very smart and talented she be teaching me stuff, I tell her and her brother “you can be anything in this world” every day because they can! With GOD anything is possible!

AirSig: Speaking of In This World, your video shows you wearing a face mask, and our interview and your music's timing is now reflecting a new post-COVID-19 world. How do you think it's going to change the business in the months and years to come?

D Tha Don: Yes in the In this World video I wore a mask because of what’s going on with COVID-19 in poor minority communities throughout the world. Like everyone else in the world I’m concerned about the virus I don’t think things will be the same, but rather they will be or not I don't fear about things that kill can the body, I fear who can kill the body and soul! I keep my faith in GOD and try to strive to be a better person I come from a rough past but now I see a brighter future!

AirSig: Could you name some artists who have specifically inspired you growing up?

D Tha Don: Nas, Tupac, Biggie, etc.

AirSig: Have you got anything else from you or your team coming out in the near future that you would like to share with us?

D Tha Don: Yes another album, Banditfide 2. Then I'm dropping an EP this year called Struggles. Be on the lookout for the EP and video coming soon!

AirSig: What would you give for advice to those who are looking to make a rewarding career in the music business?

D Tha Don: Make sure your paperwork is right, only work with people working hard like you, stay consistent, and lastly don’t give up!

D Tha Don can be heard on all music streaming platforms. Check out his latest stream of singles and check out his last LP Banditfide Sh*t with his group Banditfide as well! You can read our full review of his latest LP here.

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