November 10, 2019

Thomas Coppola - Psych Ward Single

Thomas Coppola - Psych Ward Review

Long Island rapper Thomas Coppola is at it again shortly after his Cold Cuts LP drop in September and his May LP Dusty, with the Halloween single Psyche Ward, and B-side, Leave!

Thomas Coppola - Psych Ward Single Review

Produced by Ghostie, Thomas Coppola's Halloween drop picks up pace and runs alongside the demented and carnival-like hi-hat beat. The verse doesn't pull any punches either, as it displays Coppola's quick tongue as he raps about switching up his style on command and going crazy on a night out. In the chorus he raps "Yeah, man I think I'm going crazy, they're gonna have to restrain me" while Ghostie's eerie and minimalist beat haunts the track. Leave, featuring New York artist Fendii, is a B-side about heartbreak, complete with a full sounding and catchy, hip-pop production. Both artists shine on Leave and leave a great impression of what they can do if given another opportunity to collaborate. By the end of it all, it's easy to leave these songs on repeat, as both tracks have their own distinct feel and professional shine.

Psyche Ward can be supported on Bandcamp, and Thomas Coppola can be contacted for interviews and collaborative inquiries on his personal Facebook page. You can also read his AirdriftSignals artist spotlight interview, his Dusty album review, or his Cold Cuts album review.