February 22, 2020

Interview: DJ Nihilist

DJ Nihilist Interview

Our artist spotlight interview series this time takes a deep dive with talented, Connecticut dubstep artist, DJ Nihilist!

DJ Nihilist Interview

AirdriftSignals: Hi DJ Nihilist? How are you doing today?

DJ Nihilist: I’m alright, just chilling... it’s been a long weekend haha.

AirSig: It’s a new year but more notably a new decade. How do you envision this turn of time for yourself creatively, or do you have any resolutions or goals in mind?

Nihilist: Musically the only real goal I have this year is to write my second EP, but I’m sure there will be other singles and what not that pop up. Personally my goal this year is to be more focused on my health, both physical and mental. I find that if I’m in a good space it’s easier to write more music too so it’s a win-win situation.

February 21, 2020

DJ Nihilist - Outer World Bounce and Dubstep Singles Galore

DJ Nihilist Singles Reviews

From our interview with DJ Nihilist, it's no question that he is going to have great things lying in wait for him. The first and most notable of those is his most recent release, Outer World Bounce! 

Outer World Bounce

DJ Nihilist - Outer World Bounce

February 10, 2020

Interview: B. Dvine

B. Dvine Interview

Our artist spotlight interview series this time takes a closer look at B. Dvine, who is promoting his brand new, self-produced EP, Times Have Changed!

B. Dvine Interview

AirdriftSignals: How long have you been producing/emceeing?

B. Dvine: I have been producing for 16 years and emceeing for the past 9.

B. Dvine - Times Have Changed EP Review

B. Dvine - Times Have Changed Review

As our interview with B. Dvine makes light of a lot of things going on in this Long Island producer/emcee's life, so too does his latest release, the self-produced, ever-changing, and forever-growing Times Have Changed EP.

B. Dvine - Times Have Changed EP Review

January 20, 2020

The Professionals - The Professionals Review

The Professionals - Self Titled Review

Madlib and Oh No - The Professionals Album Review

As far as collaborations go, it was only a matter of time before the world heard of The Professionals, the new duo formulated by prolific and eclectic hip-hop producer Madlib and his brother, producer/emcee Oh No.

January 18, 2020

Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By Review

Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By Review

Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By Album Review

Marshall Mathers is in the unique position of reaching legendary status at a young age over 20 years ago. Since then, he has faced a tougher uphill battle to stay relevant and top himself more than any other artist today, and subsequently, receives more criticism for any release that is anything less than brilliant or extraordinary. His anger hasn't changed, and his subject matter might feel stale, but his fire wit, lyrical spit, and storytelling remain as jaw-dropping, and arguably, sharper than ever before with his second surprise album in two years, Music To Be Murdered By.

January 7, 2020

Cuban Pete - 5 Pointz EP Review

Cuban Pete - 5 Pointz Review

Cuban Pete, our resident U.K. emcee, is back with Wu affiliated producer, Falling Down, with the graffiti-themed 5 Pointz EP! 

Cuban Pete - 5 Pointz EP Review

As we've come to know Cuban Pete from our interview last year, his passions include graffiti art, since he is also a visual artist with his company C75 Live. It's no wonder that 5 Pointz (named after the now torn down New York mural space) would feature 5 specifically designed tracks tailored and named after 5 different legends in the world of graffiti art.

December 31, 2019

Essay #3: The cerebral and therapeutic value of art

Essay: The Cerebral And Therapeutic Value Of Art

Art Therapy Cerebral

Our first essay in our newly serialized selection of op-ed pieces focused on the special attributes of music, film, and art in the context of time, legacy, and user experiences. Our third essay will be focused now on the third characteristic, and how it forms this basis for self-reflection and its physiological, therapeutic value.

December 14, 2019

Interview: Nary Da Producer

Nary Da Producer Interview

Our featured interview this holiday season is seasoned Pittsburgh producer extraordinaire, Nary Da Producer!

Nary Da Producer Interview

AirdriftSignals: How long have you been focused on producing hip-hop beats?

Nary Da Producer: I started seriously producing music around 2007 when I briefly relocated to Green Level, North Carolina, so we can say 12 years... I was making beats for my cousins and some artist around the area... I always knew I would do something with music even before then... But I ended up signing to two different indie labels during my stay in North Carolina that showed me a lot about the business aspect of the music industry and I took what I learned from that and started my journey into this music thing!

Nary Da Producer - The Chill Out Volume I Review

Nary Da Producer - The Chill Out Volume I Review

Nary Da Producer - The Chill Out Volume I Review

Following our at-length interview with Pittsburgh hip-hop beat maker Nary Da Producer, there's a lot to unpack. Whether it's his most recent productions, such as Cuban Pete's single Nothin's Gonna Stop Me, or his fulfillment of a childhood dream in producing four cuts for a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, on Solomon Child's 2019 album Wu-Tang BBQ, Nary is hitting the bars of his MPC hard, and now, swerving in just in time for the holidaze is Nary Da Producer's first in a themed series of beat tapes, The Chill Out Volume I!