November 30, 2019

Daniel Son & Comet - Wormz Single

Daniel Son and Comet - Wormz Review

Madmen Entertainment's own Comet and Brown Bag Money's Daniel Son school it with the brand new MMX-produced single, Wormz!

Daniel Son & Comet - Wormz Single Review

Hot off the trails of his Moonshine Mix Volume 2 (with Futurewave), Toronto's Daniel Son shows no signs of stopping, and decides to drop a cut with the Bronx's Comet for a hardcore, real hip-hop treat.

November 24, 2019

Update: "AirdriftSignals Recommends...", AirdriftSignals' Official Spotify Playlist Now Featured In Every Press Package!

AirdriftSignals Official Spotify Playlist

AirdriftSignals Official Spotify Playlist

Now, at the top of the website and also along the right sidebar of any page, readers and artists can access "The Playlist", the Official AirdriftSignals Spotify playlist, featuring in reverse chronological order all of the hottest tracks from all the artists covered by the magazine!

November 23, 2019

High Zombie & graves - GHOSTS Single

High Zombie and Graves - GHOST Review

Industry engineer, DJ, and electronic producer graves teams up with rising hybrid trap and bass producer High Zombie for the epic and high octane EDM track, GHOSTS!

High Zombie & graves - GHOSTS Single Review

Originally from Hawaii, graves, aka Christian Mochizuki, got his start assisting and engineering top industry hip-hop and pop albums including Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Kid Cudi's Man on The Moon Volume 2, among other big projects. His experience in composition and production continued to form as he played at popular music festivals, including the Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival, and released his debut EP, Hilo, in 2017. 

November 17, 2019

Essay #2: Why an electronic press kit (EPK) is so important for independent artists

Essay: Why An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Is So Important For Independent Artists

Why An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Is So Important For Independent Artists

In the age of social media, influencers, and followers, what do artists really need other than a large digital following? It seems that with all the services built to promote and build up likes and subscribers, there aren't that many other avenues for artists to grow in terms of their digital following. Networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the primary means nowadays, yet their algorithms have not been very artist or business-friendly. They have now become known to hold back most artist or business posts to just a fraction of those who are interested in their work. This archaic design is targeted to your Facebook page and business, promising increased impressions for "sponsored" posts, and is predatory at best when an artist's reach used to simply mean those who like their page. When it comes to public visibility, what most artists need to understand now more than ever is the ever-growing importance of electronic press kits, or EPKs.

November 15, 2019

DJ Shadow - Our Pathetic Age Review

DJ Shadow - Our Pathetic Age Review

DJ Shadow - Our Pathetic Age Review

Just over a month from the end of a decade, there's been more change in the Internet age than ever before. As the rise in social media, influencers, and connectivity continues to grow, so too do the anxieties, concerns, and questions that our artificial and intelligent world continues to pose. There's a lot to be concerned over, but there's still room for hope. If there was ever an album to sum up what's happened to us globally in the past ten years, then it is DJ Shadow's latest full-length album, Our Pathetic Age, an affecting and universal double LP that features genre-bending electronica, hip-hop, and heart.

November 10, 2019

Thomas Coppola - Psych Ward Single

Thomas Coppola - Psych Ward Review

Long Island rapper Thomas Coppola is at it again shortly after his Cold Cuts LP drop in September and his May LP Dusty, with the Halloween single Psyche Ward, and B-side, Leave!

Thomas Coppola - Psych Ward Single Review

November 6, 2019

Paranormal Adam - Analyze This Music Video

Paranormal Adam - Analyze This Video Review

Hot off the Full Blast Booking OcTourberfest is Paranormal Adam's brand new single and music video, Analyze This!

Paranormal Adam - Analyze This Music Video Review

November 4, 2019

B. Dvine featuring D-Rage - Clipped Wings Music Video

B. Dvine Featuring D-Rage - Clipped Wings Video Review

Long Island beat maker and touring emcee, B. Dvine, teams up with Hawaiian rapper D-Rage, to produce one of their latest music videos while touring the East Coast, Clipped Wings!

B. Dvine featuring D-Rage - Clipped Wings Music Video Review

November 1, 2019

Cuban Pete - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me Single

Cuban Pete - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me Review

UK Rapper Cuban Pete is hot off the trail of his mixtape, The Standout, and his single, Burn, with his latest hip-hop track, the inspirational Nothin's Gonna Stop Me. 

Cuban Pete - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me Single Review

October 29, 2019

Update: Satellite Beats: Earliest Transmissions OUT NOW!

Update: Satellite Beats - Earliest Transmissions Release

Satellite Beats: Earliest Transmissions Release

How do I begin? Satellite Beats... Where do I go from here? DJ Dark Flow... As an aspiring songwriter and musician, a 15-16-year-old me was lucky enough to collect and get my hands on various electronic equipment, a keyboard, an acoustic and electric guitar, and a digital recorder. With these circuits and machinery, I was able to begin to fulfill my dream and passion for songwriting by creating acoustic, electronic, and industrial atmospheres full of mystery and dread, and from this era of my musical experimentation, I produced a lot of wide-ranging material under my first musical alias, Satellite Beats. After years of having the songs on my computer, I decided to curate and release this compilation album of my earliest recordings.